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ProFinder USA’s mission is to solve a problem, connect people, and drive the industry forward into the 21st Century.

When you talk with home improvement companies across the country, the consensus among them is that they are having an issue finding top talent to help run & grow their businesses. For most, they get their best hires from referrals and have limited success utilizing the traditional recruiting methods available. ProFinder USA is dedicated exclusively to job opportunities in the home improvement industry.

ProFinder USA’s broader mission is to attract talented individuals from all industries and walks of life so that we can encourage them to consider a career in home improvement. An article recently posed the question, how do we make the industry “cool” to new, younger job applicants? For example, college graduates would rather go into “prestigious” three year-long financial advising sales programs that have a 10% success rate and are provided no leads but what they generate themselves. Meanwhile, they could be running 2 appointments a day that are scheduled for them and not do any cold calling or even any ongoing customer service after the sale. It is only their perception keeping them from seeing the opportunities available to them.

At the complete other end of the spectrum, is going above and beyond to simplify the process for those who either don’t have basic computer skills or speak another language. Our Resource Center has example resumes, cover letters, and interview tips available. The website is multilingual so that not even a language barrier can prevent qualified individuals from applying for job openings.

In addition to job openings, ProFinder USA will also focus on business opportunities and industry specific vendors. This allows the average contractor access to information so that can easily research and evaluate different product lines, dealer/franchise networks, or vendors. There is a lot of misinformation and a lack of accountability for the misrepresentation of these potential business opportunities, which can leave a local small business vulnerable to disaster.

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