National Lead Programs

Generate Leads for your network at a FIXED Cost Per Lead. Ready to eliminate the risk from your advertising campaigns?

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Direct Response Marketing

For national networks, there are four buckets of marketing support you need to fill. How many buckets does your company fill right now?

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Business Growth Strategy

Go beyond increasing your revenue, build unique advantages and drive sustainable growth far above the industry standards.

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Ron Jumper

About the Owner

Ron Jumper has been involved with marketing for the home improvement industry since he was old enough to walk, simply put it is in his blood. With an unmatched depth of marketing knowledge, no one is better equipped to provide an intimate knowledge of every form of traditional & digital advertising, a deep understanding of each local market in North America, and the ability to engineer complex Lead Programs with the right media buy, the right creative, that are properly tracked, routed, & sourced in real time on a fixed cost per lead basis.

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Marketing Services

The marketing landscape is evolving and the average marketer is behind the curve. The bar has now been raised to set a new standard in how we invest, track, and optimize each marketing dollar spent.

Here a few items to gauge your marketing sophistication:

  • If your organization doesn’t have a defined process in place with checks & balances to ensure each lead is received, sourced, and contacted in real time then you are behind.
  • If you don’t have dedicated phone numbers, tracking cookies, and unique landing pages per marketing source with the ability to geo-route by location and integrate with your CRM in real time then you are behind.
  • For the national dealer or franchise networks, if you aren’t offering your networks unrivaled support, training, and fixed cost lead programs that actually are “turnkey” and not just rhetoric filled with empty promises then you are behind.
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ProFinder USA is proud to be America’s Home Improvement Marketplace. The consensus among the top replacement contractors, remodelers, and general construction companies is that the #1 challenge they face is retaining talented employees. ProFinder USA is the only website dedicated to connecting talented individuals with today’s largest home improvement contractors.

Going beyond jobs, ProFinder USA fills the void for dealer and franchise networks looking to cost effectively market to today’s top local contractors. ProFinder USA’s exclusive B2B marketing platform for the home improvement industry will change the way contractors learn, research, and ultimately choose what networks they join, products they carry, and vendors they select.

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