Lead Program Development

The Apollo Agency offers a diverse mix of National Lead Programs that are available on a fixed Cost Per Lead basis. In fact, you could be advertising nationally across multiple traditional and digital media platforms without ever having to wonder what your lead cost will be!

Because of The Apollo Agency’s strong relationships and major buying power with media properties on a national, regional, and local level across North America, these exclusive programs were able to be created specifically for dealer and franchise networks in the home improvement industry.

Example National Lead Programs:

Email Marketing Lead Capture Program

Major media properties and digital entities have been sitting on a “gold mine” and not properly monetizing it, with “it” being their database of customers. These email lists can be marketed to on a cost per lead basis with no additional hard costs to the publisher, creating a “Win-Win” for both the advertiser and publisher.

S.O.I. Email Opt In Program

As print media properties were looking for additional revenue streams, this “aha moment” occurred for publishers. When new customers sign up for an online or print subscription, they are presented with special offers from sponsors during the account set up process. If the user selects that they are interested in an offer and submits their contact info to learn more, then it is considered a “lead” and advertisers are only charged per lead.

Media Cost Per Call Program

The Apollo Agency has assembled a network of hundreds of media affiliates across North America that will allocate unsold inventory to our clients on a cost per call basis. These affiliates are a mix of different types of media properties with local, regional, and national coverage.

There are a lot of different forms of traditional and digital media available, all of which have distinct pros and cons. When trying to decide what lead program is right for you, there is a process of elimination that will help guide you to determine what programs are right for you.

Here are a few quick questions:

  • Do you have full national coverage or will you need to have the ability to geotarget?
  • Does your dealer or franchise network have exclusive territories defined by DMA or zip codes?
  • Is your dealer network a branded program or private label with separate local branding?
  • What is your monthly advertising budget along with your monthly lead generation goals?

After answering these questions, determining what lead program makes the most sense for you will become much easier. If you don’t have full national coverage, then most traditional media will immediately be ruled out. Without having exclusive or defined territories, determining what dealer has the right to each lead and how it will be routed in real time to that dealer becomes a challenge. To determine what National Lead Programs are the best fit for your organization, Contact The Apollo Agency to get started.

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