Direct Response Marketing

Fill the Four Buckets of Marketing Support

In the home improvement industry, there is a unique and delicate art to developing marketing programs that generate leads at the required cost, quality, and scale. Trying to say this in the nicest and most sincere way, but the average advertising agency or media property doesn’t have a clue how to generate leads for you. Without that fundamental understanding of lead generation, also known as Direct Response, the chances of building out a successful marketing program that provides your network the support and resources they need are almost none.

You also must lay the proper foundation and systematically build on that over time. When determining your organization’s next step from a marketing perspective, there is not one size fits all. There are four different areas of marketing support, or what I refer to as “Four Buckets” that I’ll explain in more detail below, and how your organization currently “fills those buckets” will systematically determine the logical next step.

Bucket #1 – Training & Support
If your dealers or franchisees have sales hurdles that they have to reach, then they need to be provided a marketing plan that gives them a realistic outline of how to reach those hurdles in their specific market. This outline should include the types of marketing, projected costs, and lead conversion metrics that are customized to that market. Also, they will need training & support for how to execute each type of marketing, along with phone scripting and in-home sales support to reach those lead conversion metrics.

Bucket #2 – Marketing Collateral
Once your network begins actively marketing their business in their local markets, they are going to need photos, logos, graphics, brochures, sales presentations, and ad creative. Creating all the resources they need and having them easily accessible will help encourage them to invest marketing dollars in their business and have the confidence to “pull the trigger” on a lead generation campaign.

Bucket #3 – Vendor Partnerships
From call tracking to displays and everything in between, develop programs with vendors that specialize in serving your business at a high level and be able to offer those services to your network in the form of either customized packages or discounted pricing. There is a lot of “noise” out there, hiring the right vendors with a proven track record and creating unique programs for your network to utilize provide tremendous value.

Bucket #4 – National Lead Programs
As has been discussed throughout this website, creating a national marketing program is not an easy task and, depending on “how you fill” the other three buckets, may not make sense just yet. The Apollo Agency can make sure you are prepared to take the next step and are ready to manage a national marketing program. From there, we’ll select the right national marketing programs across traditional & digital media that fit both your budget and lead volume goals.

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